The Pacific Pioneer Fund
   PO Box 33, Inverness, CA 94937 

This application form, budget, resume/filmography, and any other attachments must not exceed ten pages. (Copy and paste into a WORD doc. and format however you like.) Please use paper clips, not staples. Applications must be POSTMARKED no later than 06/01/18, 12/01/18, or 06/01/19 to be considered at the meeting following the deadline. Please do not use FedEx, express or certified mail.

Also, please send a DVD of up to 10 minutes from your current project.


Date:________________ Date of any previous application to the Pioneer Fund______

Project Director:


Address:________________________________________ Phone:______________

__________________________ Zip __________ Email:______________

Experience: How many docs of 28 minutes or longer have you directed? ___________(If none, please do NOT apply, unless you have lots of editing or cinematography experience.)

Title of Proposed Film­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________­­­­­­­_          Length_____________

One Sentence Summary of Film Topic/Subject


Project Budget (essential costs only, not in-kind)_______________________________

How much money is needed to complete the film?  ____________________________

Name and address of Tax-Exempt (501c3) Sponsoring Organization:           ________________                    ____

_______________________________________   Phone:______________

Please submit a letter from the 501c3 organization listed above requesting funds on your behalf and agreeing to supervise your project. 

One Page Detailed Project Description: Describe the film's subject precisely and briefly. Discuss the film’s narrative arc or storyline and its main characters.  Why are you making this film?   Do not say "see attached".


















Creative Approach and Style: Discuss your conceptual ideas and technical approaches. What will the film look like?




Project Status: At what stage is the Project now? If in production, what remains to be shot?  If in post-production, what remains to be done? 



How does your enclosed sample work relate to your final product?
Audience and Distribution: Why is this film needed?  Who is your core audience? How will you reach them?  How might your film reach beyond the core audience?  What is your plan to find a wider audience?



Project/Career: How will this project be a step forward in your career?


Profile of Key Project Staff:  Please give brief bios of key staff for this project (as is relevant to your team - director, cinematographer, editor, producer,writer).  Filmmakers should indicate precise roles in their two most recent films, as well as the films' dates, length, where exhibited, whether video or film and genre (e.g. documentary, narrative, experimental). If student film, please indicate.


Estimated Fully Funded Budget Amount______________-----------

Estimated Independent Filmmaker Bare Bones Budget Amount, If Push Comes to Shove:

In Kind Labor and Services Amount:_________________________________________

How will a Pacific Pioneer Fund grant be spent?


How much money has been raised to date? _____________________________

How much money has been spent to date? _____________________________

How much money is needed to complete the project? ____________________

If you have not yet begun production, how much money must you have in hand before doing so? ______________________________



Other funding sources for this project:      Amounts Sought          Amounts Received

________________________________ $_________________ $_______________

________________________________ $_________________ $_______________

________________________________ $_________________ $_______________

Two suggested references to contact regarding this project and qualifications of its key staff:
Name Position, Title (occupation), Agency Phone

__________________________ _____________________________ __________

__________________________ _____________________________ __________

Before submitting this proposal, please make sure that you have included:
(1) A letter of sponsorship (avoiding the term "fiscal agent"); (2) A “bare bones” budget for the entire project (3 pages max.); (3) A resume showing your education and employment history, and your films, with dates.  (2 pages max.)